owner + operator  //  Sarah Jo Karoses

++ if i could have it my way, i would sit on my porch and sip coffee all day with my sisters. that's not the way it works, so i opened a bakeshop where i rise before the sun, mix endless amounts of dough, and sift powdered sugar over chocolate muffins. i find joy in serving others a wide array of sweets, placing the perfect candle in someone's birthday cake, and picking the right flower to set on top of their highest wedding tier. i am here to introduce you to the best buttercream you'll ever have !

Here at The Main Grain Bakery, we offer the highest quality artistan bread, sweets, and special order desserts, made with all organic and local ingredients in a sustainable manner. We make everything from scratch! Truly, the MGB team is one-of-a-kind! Whether you or someone you know is having a birthday, wedding, work event, or would like to make any occasion special -- The Main Grain Bakery would love to provide the cakes, desserts & bread. Stop in for your weekly favorites! The early bird catches the worm!